09 October 2016

September Wrap-Up

What's going on, guys? So again, this wrap-up post is late. Sigh. But at least, it's only eight days late which is, I guess, a huge improvement from my August wrap-up post. But anyway, my lateness aside, a lot of things transpired in both my gaming and real life during the month of September. 

For one, I have decided to take a hiatus from Arcane Legends. Whether it's going to be short or long, I'm still uncertain yet. Though my decision saddens me, I have to stick by it since even logging into the game felt like a chore and that defeats the main purpose of gaming; to have fun.  And besides, I have a new job, guys.  And it's an office job so I don't own my time anymore. So I don't know about you but it's really hard to juggle between a 48-hour/week work and three games without sacrificing my health. At the end of the day, I had to choose and the game that I'm enjoying the least has to go for now. Sadly, that's Arcane Legends. Don't worry, I'll be back once I have time. XD

Re; Taichi Panda, well, the game has been hard at work in infuriating me. I mean, it's still an enjoyable game but the developers are really fucking up with the updates that they've been releasing. Just recently, they've released the Edge of Survival update, which doesn't really help in improving the gaming experience of the majority.  By majority, I mean the F2P and the low VIP players. Well, Snail returned the roulette, which is awesome and not awesome at the same time.  Awesome because I FINALLY WON THE COVETED QUALITY 30 WINGS.  Lookie......

That's an additional 10K might right there plus I'm finally done with being stressed over that empty slot in my character's gear profile.  On the other hand, the come back of the roulette means that the developers are really finding ways to tempt players in spending their diamonds particularly that there's a new reward in the roulette, a quality 34 Core Rune called Seasons Mark. Look, why can't we just stop at level 32 runes? The roulette and the inclusion of some awesome rewards in it seem like a diversionary tactic of the developers to give the players some false belief that Snail is being generous but actually it's not. It's actually milking us for more moolahs. 

Instead of addressing more pressing and long overdue concerns like the fucking pvp matching system, instance time scheds, prices of items in the diamond store, etc., Snail spent its time developing a new pet (Seriously? We already have so many pets!), a new ugly mount that allows a second rider, and new higher quality (34 and 36) runes.  Snail, at least, has the decency to add new instances in the squad instance portion and improved the drop table and rate in those instances. But still, it's not a solution to bridge that gaping gap between  F2P/low VIP  and average-high VIP players. At any rate, it's just helping the strong get stronger and the weak to become weaker. 

And as if to further mock the players, Snail also took the time in fixing what's not broken. I'm talking about the Neptune ring and necklace which were previously sold in Fortitude>Warrior store. After the update, both accessories have been transferred to the Valor store. WTF, Snail! One of the reasons why I went Neptune was that it was easy to collect accessory shards compared to Champion or Hades. And now, you did this? And when someone pointed this whole issue to you, you have the audacity to tell the player that those Neptune accessory shards have always been sold in the valor store. 

Oh, Snail, it's either you didn't train your support staff well or you actually don't know your own game. WTF! But whatever, Snail, you continue going down this road and I wouldn't be surprised if two years from now, Taichi Panda is already history.  

Right, that's enough about Taichi Panda because it's already giving me a headache. Let's move on to Clash of Clans. Well, I'm still stuck at TH 7 but maybe not for long.  I only have a few bombs and one troop to upgrade and then, voila, TH 8 here I come.  I'm not really excited in getting to the next TH level but I really want to try my hands on the Go-Va-Ho attack. Hahaha. Oh well, I'll get there...I'll get there.

So that's all for the month of September, guys. I will try to post more interesting stuff in the blog for the coming days...but I'm not promising anything. Hahaha.

Have fun and game hard!

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