03 March 2018

[STORIES] Chiaroscuro: Chapter 1 (LORCAN)

“You’re joining the Consortio? You? A Santana?!” The disbelief and the rage in the Capa’s voice were almost palpable. 

Afraid that I was, I held my grandmother’s stare and my ground. She and the rest of the family would never understand. The psychiatrists were never the answer nor the expensive vacation to Granite Falls and Selvadorada. But joining a noble cause would give me some sort of relief…relief at the thought that I’m doing something for Lucia and Roy.  Even remembering their names gives me an agonizing jolt. 

“Yes, Grandmother. And since I will be undergoing a Consortio training, I will also be leaving Uni as soon as possible,” I explained in a whisper.  I didn’t plan on telling her about Uni today but dragging the issue until next week would only aggravate the problem.  I have tried negotiating with the Consortio agents about my training schedule so I could still get my degree but the only reply that I got was: ‘The end of the world is coming and the demons will kill any thing in their path, degree holders or not.’

If Grandmother’s looks could only kill, I would’ve been dead a few seconds ago. 

“Joining the Consortio and leaving University? Have you gone mad, child? Your Papa is counting on you. Your Mama is counting on you. We are all counting on you. And what about the business and the Cosa Nostra?” 

I winced when Grandma banged her fists on the opulent table. Had I been a mere crew, I would have fled from the room as fast as possible.  But I am a Santana and all my life, I have been trained as the Capo’s heir as my mother before me, her father before her… 

I wanted to kneel and ask for her forgiveness but Capos don’t apologize so I shrugged. “I have my own life, Grandma. Besides, Lobella is more than capable—“

“Capable?!” Grandma snapped, her eyes bulging. “I love your sister as much as I love you but she is weak. The Cosa Nostra will consume her and leave nothing… not even her bones for us to bury,” she said in a matter-of-factly voice. 

“Because you never gave her a chance… you coddled her like a princess,” I almost retorted but stopped myself. My conflict with my sister is mine to settle alone. “Training registration will start tomorrow so I’ll be heading for Brindleton Bay tonight,”  I told her instead.

Her eyes widened. “You…You…How dare you…? Get out! Get out! Shame on you…Our ancestors would’ve never…After all the things that we have… Get out!”

So I left even with my knees shaking, my breathing ragged.I want to go back and apologize…

I want to call Mama for guidance…or ask Papa for consideration but they would not understand. They would not understand that I no longer sleep at night for fear of seeing Lucia and Roy in my dreams… 

That I’m driving the prices of garlic in the market to sky high since I have refused to eat anything else other than the spice… 

That I have spent every waking moment studying Vampire Lore… 

That I’ve gone crazy experimenting about the best methods of trapping sunlight so one day, I’ll be able to put a hole on those stone cold, unbeating hearts.  

So I went straight for my room and started packing.

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24 February 2018

[STORIES] Chiaroscuro: Prologue

If my squadmates knew where I am right now, they would probably die of envy. I even have to restrain myself from whistling and jumping with glee as I stood there…facing a large, green rock enclosed in a glass. As the sergeant of SXIGP-S1, I am expected to display utmost discipline, obedience and respect no matter what the circumstances are.  Even if that circumstance involves me being called inside this room…the Ivory Cathedra. Ok, I’m ready to die now. 

Now, what do they say about the Ivory Cathedra? ‘The cathedra awaits those who strive and excel.’ As an inhabitant of the Planet Sixam, it is my—and practically every Sixami’s--lifetime goal to be excellent at everything. Our race continued its galactic supremacy by perfecting everything… our names, manner of birth, language, gene pool, military, planet leadership, etc.  So if the beasts tell you that no one is perfect except for the Enlightened and Merciful Llama, then they’re pulling your pants. We, SixamÄ“, are beyond perfection.

And what better way to prove such perfection? By being here… the seat of the most powerful being in the galaxy, SIXAM-000, Sovereign, Grand Imperator, Supreme Minister, and Lifebringer of the Cenaerere. It’s a mouthful I know but we, Sixame, just call him MoFa, a rather tacky combination of the words ‘mother’ and ‘father.’ Though I was silently disappointed that I’m only facing the MoFa’s rocky aspect, I’m still honored and beyond thankful for the opportunity of being here. Most Onesers (and even up to Threesers) like me would live and die without seeing this room in our lifetime. 

“You understand why you’re here?” The rock asked after the necessary greetings and small talk. 

I resisted the urge to nod enthusiastically because honestly, I did not understand any of the instructions given to me by General CKFJ-299 (except the part where he told me to come here at once) a few hours ago. “Forgive me, Blessed MoFa, but the General’s instructions were vague.” I also opted for a vague answer just to be safe. 

The rock hummed and emitted a soft green glow. “There is someone that you need to find in Simmeria,” the rock said quietly after a few seconds. 

That gave me pause. “The planet of the beasts, my blessed MoFa?” I clarified. Though it’s not unusual for Sixam to send spies on other planets, it’s unusual that the target area is Simmeria.  It’s a highly polluted and uncivilized planet. Though it’s under the jurisdiction of SIXAM-000, he and all the Sovereigns before him have let the planet manage (or more like destroy) itself to focus the galaxy’s resources on more profitable endeavors. 

“Though it pains me to send a child of mine to a doomed planet like Simmeria, I have no choice but to do it. So, yes, my child.”

I swallowed. I can already imagine the manner of my death with the mission I’m going to undertake. But I’d rather welcome death than face the prospect of living in any of the nations of Simmeria and dealing with the beasts. Alas, I am only a soldier whose life I owed to the Lifebringer.  So I nodded. 

“Any helpful information about this someone, my blessed MoFa?” I asked while making sure that my voice held the enthusiasm of a siq though my insides were anything but. 

The rock hummed and glowed again. After a few more seconds, the glow broke into tiny light crystals that spiraled like the leaves of the Fang Flowers, then, coalesced into a slight figure. A beast. 

“The target’s profile will be sent to you through the HoloPortal. Destroy the data once you have understand and memorized the details. And soldier, this mission is Code Ivory-X.”

Code Ivory-X. Well…well… as the beasts would say, I am beyond fucked. 

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18 February 2017

[GUIDE] Sims Freeplay: It's All Going Swimmingly Quest

NOTE: This guide was written on 2017 February 15. Certain things may have changed at the time that you're reading this.

Quest Type: Main
Unlocks: Swimming Center,  Diving Hobby, Swimming Pools
Time Limit: 2 days

  • Level 13
  • Completed A Quest for Toddlers
  • Enough Simoleons (100, 000) to build the public swimming pool. 
  • Use a questor sim that doesn't have a hobby yet. 
After succeeding in the A Quest for Toddlers, a new quest will pop up.

1. Build the swim center (100, 000 $)- 12 hours and 45 mins

2. Send a sim to the swim center- Just tap the swim center icon and call whistle your questor sim.

3. Admire the swim center slide- 4 secs

4. Look at diving board apprehensively- 1 minute

5. Ask Wumples for advice- 6 minutes

6. Supervise in a lifeguard chair- 6 minutes and 24 seconds

7. Use a diving board- Choose the shortest option (Brief leap: 10 mins)

8. Look at pool slide apprehensively- 10 hours and 30 minutes

9. Be nice to sim- 1 min

10. Use the slide- 2 hours and 50 mins

11. Splash a sim in a pool- 10 secs

12. Flip a sim in a pool- 4 secs

13. Chat to a sim while in a pool- 4 mins

15. Talk to Wumples- 30 seconds

16. Talk to Wumples again- 3 minutes 

17. Use the slide- 2 hours and 50 minutes

And you're done. WOW!

If you have finished the quest within the time limit, you will be rewarded with a pool volleyball net which costs 2, 500 simoleons. You can find it by going to the pool items under the outdoors section. 

You will also unlock the Dolphin pool and automatic pool cleaner packs in the online store.


Well, I'm only looking forward to finishing this quest so that I can build different kinds of pools for my houses. I just love them.  The volleyball net sucked though.

This is followed by the Hidden Unicorn quest.

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16 February 2017

[GUIDE] Sims Freeplay: A Quest For Toddlers

NOTE: This guide was written on the 2017 Valentines day. Certain things may have changed at the time that you're reading this. 
Quest: Main
Unlocks: Age infants to toddlers, Toddler Adoption through phone and P2P
Time Limit: 2 days


  • Ensure the availability of an infant while doing this quest.
  • Don't sell the globe you've purchased while doing the Mysterious Island quest as you will need it here. 
  • It doesn't matter whether the questor sims is the parent of the infant or not.
Upon completion of the Need for Steed quest, a new quest will pop up. 

1. Watch a documentary- 54 minutes

2. Watch sunflower street on TV- 8 minutes and 6 seconds

3. Change a diaper- 21 seconds

4. Expand or create a room- depends on you

5. Buy a dollhouse from the children's store

6. Have a fancy coffee- 5 minutes

7. Study geography on a globe (I know it seems farfetched but just go with it)-  12 hours

Note: The globe can be found in the decorations tab. If you kept the globe that you've used in completing the mysterious island, then the better. 

8. Contemplate life at the lake- 8 minutes and 30 secs

Note: Go to the park and call whistle your sim. 

9. Ask statue in park for advice- 3 minutes

10. Stare at the statue (Is EA out of ideas?) - 4 seconds

11. Get serious advice from the statue-9 hours and 30 mins

12. Dance to a stereo (because you know, it's essential to show your child the crazy side of you)- 2 mins and 42 secs.

Note: Any of the options below will do.

And wow,  mission accomplished. Congrats. 

If you have finished the quest within the 2-day time limit. you will receive a Toddler Dress Up Chest as a reward. You can buy it for free on the Toddlers' section in the home menu.

Completing the quest also unlocks the feature "Toddler Adoption" through the phone. Toddler adoption is P2P. 


Ok, who doesn't want new clothes? I know, I do. For something that's so gamechanging, this quest was relatively easy and rewarding. I can't wait for baby Ariadne to grow up. 

This is followed by the It's all Going Swimmingly quest. 

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