About The Blog


Considering the owner's gaming history, the Snarky Kitsune blog is already long overdue.  Created on the first week of July 2016, Snarky Kitsune came into existence due to the owner's desire to make a black and white vault for her gaming escapades. With this said, please do not expect regular updates or insightful guides on this blog because most of the time, Snarky Kitsune is busy prowling the virtual world and save fictional kingdoms from the threat of pixelated monsters.

If this is your first time on the blog and has a hard time of navigating it, the following map-esque whatever should help you out.


a. HOME- A static page that contains a slideshow of one of my most favorite MMORPGs of all time, R.O.S.E Online (Rush on Seven Episodes).

b. BLOG- This is probably the most important part of the blog as this is where you can find every post that I wrote. If you want to stay updated of my gaming journey, then, this is the place to visit. 

c. ABOUT- A series of sections that should help you in getting to know yours truly. Should tell you that I'm not a mutated monkey that came out from one of the virtual worlds you've visited.
  • about the blog- THIS.
  • bio- Aw. I know you're crazy about me so this should satisfy your hunger for a while.
  • what the faq!- You think you know me but you actually don't. Go on and read this. I'm just tired answering all your questions. 
  • policies- Mostly about not being a jerk in the comments section but there are also mentions about intellectual property and advertisements somewhere in the page. 
  • disclaimer- Transparency. Period.
d. GAMEOGRAPHY- Because why not? When I die, I have this list to prove that I once existed in the virtual world.

e. INDEX- A list of links for gaming guides, tips, stories and what nots. I'm not usually a mean person, ya know.

f. RATINGS- Want to know my favorite/hated games? Check this out.

g. CONTACT- I know I'm a goddess but I ain't that unreachable. Feel free to drop me a message. You can also e-mail me at kitsune.contact@waywardkitsune.com with the subject as GAME NOW, WORK LATER.

h. RESOURCES- List of all blogging and gaming resources that I've used for the existence, design, and management of this blog and games that I'm playing.

i. GALLERY- Should bring you directly to my imgur photo gallery that contains all my gaming photos.