To save you the trouble of reading through a giant wall of text, here's a simple list of facts that best describes Snarky Kitsune:

1. Human or supernatural creature?

What would it take for you to read the upper portion of the sidebar?

2. Nationality?

Venomancers don't really have a nationality but for purposes that may help you understand Snarky Kitsune more, she's born and bred in the Philippines. 

3. Educational Background?

Venomancers prefer to explore the wild and entice unsuspecting wanderers than understand the intricacies of education.  But Snarky Kitsune did finish a bachelor and eventually, a post-grad degree. Both degrees have something to do with the environment. 

4. Any other hobbies aside from gaming?

Snarky Kitsune loves variety so her hobbies  range from reading, photomanipulating, blog writing and designing, blog stalking,  watching and critiquing TV shows (especially K-dramas), to doting on her pets. 

5. How long have you been gaming?

Since late 1990s so that makes it almost half her life.

6. Offline or online games? 

Both. Check out Snarky Kitsune's gameography for more deets.

7. Favorite games?

Offline- The Sims franchise, Red Alert II, Diablo I
Online- Perfect World, Rush on Seven Episodes (both official and private server)

Last updated: 21 July 2016