Below is SK's gaming career over the past ~17 years. Understand that, while she tried to be as accurate as possible, some dates and character names and levels might contain errors due to the fact that her memory is a bit chaotic. 

Diablo I (1999-2001)/RPG***
  • Warrior (forgot the name)- max level
  • Rogue (forgot the name)- max level

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 (2000-2002)/Stategy***

Counterstrike (2001-2002)/First-person shooter***

The Sims (2001-2004)/Strategic Life Simulation***
  • All expansion packs except Superstar

Battle Realms (2002-2003)/Real time strategy***

Philippine Rush on Seven Episodes Online (~2005-2007)/MMORPG
  • Nagini (Mage/ Level 165)
  • Forgot the names of the alts

Perfect World Philippines (2008-2012)/MMORPG
  • tthraolce (Venomancer/ level 96)
  • Mayryse (Assassin/ level 98)
  • iska17 (Cleric/ level 101)

iROSEph (R.O.S.E Online private server/ 2013-2015) /MMORPG
  • Allomancer (Bourgeois/ level 230)
  • Lightweaver (Shaman/ level 230)
  • Edgedancer (Cleric/ level 255)
  • Skybreaker (Scout/ level 255)
  • Various farming alts

The Sims 3 (2014-2016)/Strategic Life Simulation***
  • All expansion packs except Into the Future

Clash of Clans (May-November 2016)/MMO Strategy
  • NaughtyKoala (TH 7)

Arcane Legends (28 June-November 2016)/ARPG
  • Rithmatist (Rogue/ level 54)

Sims Freeplay (30 June 2016- August 2017)/ Strategic Life Simulation

Taichi Panda (16 July 2016-May 2017)/MOBA
  • Stormdancer (Fox Mage/ level 64)- US-S65 Stardust server 60 Blood Diamond

Monster Super League (November 2016-February 2016; October 2017-November 2017)/ Gachapon
  • Catacendre (Level 40) 

King's Raid (1 November 2017-present)/ Role-Playing-Gachapon

  • Voidbringer (Level 35)- North America Server

The Sims 4 (mid-November 2017-present)/ Strategic Life Simulation
  • All expansion, stuff and DLC packs up to Pets. 

Other games that SK tried to enjoy but let go after a few days/weeks/months of playing:
  • DOTA (~2006) - Didn't like the graphics and the gameplay.
  • Tantra Online (~2005) - Love the graphics but everything was just too convoluted. Most of my game time was spent running around clueless. LOL
  • Gunbound Philippines (~2008)- Love projectiles and ballistics but calculating trajectories isn't really SK's thing. Le sigh.
  • Rohan Online Philippines (~2008)- Beautiful world but it was quite boring.
  • Eligium Philippines (~2012)- SK only tried it because it was pitched as some sort of WoW rip off (blame that Panda character) and god knows how much she wanted to play WoW. 
  • Moe Girl Cafe 2, Girls X Battle, Virtual Families 2, My Cafe (February 2017)- I was in a gaming funk during this time and every game I tried just felt so off. I didn't bother rating these games as I've only played them for less than 4 days. 
  • And various other arcade and time management games (both offline and online).
  • Or check out the ratings page.

Note: *** means that the game is LAN or Offline. 

Last updated: 27 December 2017