+ Why Snarky Kitsune?

Snarky best describes SK's personality. 

+ So are you really a venomancer?

Are you really a human being?

+ You're female and you're a gamer...?

Sexists, please GTFO! If you're expecting SK to spend her leisure time cooking and knitting dresses, then you're in for a big disappointment. 

+ There are a lot of hobbies out there, why gaming?

Because why not?

+ Why talk in third person?

Everyone has their inner Gollum. 

+ What are your gaming devices? 

I wish I could say ASUS ROG Strix GL502 or Alienware but hey, my Samsung Galaxy S3 and my ASUS K56C are still able to give me that 'gaming high.'

+ Most unforgettable gaming moments?
  • When Philippine R.O.S.E Online (pROSE) shut down in 2007.  It was SK's first MMORPG so you can imagine the resources (not to include emotional attachment) she'd spent on the game only to end up with NADA! 
  • Discovering The Sims for the first time. 
  • Meeting new players who eventually became long time friends. 
  • The numerous PVP dramas she encountered during her MMORPG gaming career.
  • Defeating her sister's cleric in pROSE.
  • Finally attaining Rank 8 in Perfect World after years of playing. 
  • Playing The Sims 3 after many years of waiting for most of the expansions to come out. 
  • Staying awake for 36 hours straight just to fully avail the x2 exp and drop rate event in pROSE. 
  • When she finally managed to hunt and tame a rare pet in Perfect World Phil.
  • That time when SK was in a heodang mode and used her low level alt to prank and beg from high level players in Junon Polis. (iROSEph)
  • When she decided to hibernate from Perfect World because the game became so slow-paced and updates were rarer than the blue moon and of course, after realizing that she'd already spent so much money without getting something really valuable in return. In simpler terms, the game's becoming more and more P2W overtime.
+ Any gaming wishes?
  • To be able to play World of Warcraft. (Why does it have to be geographically restricted, Blizzard?) SK really wanted to try her hands on the game since she'd heard a lot of great things about it. 
  • Buy a new desktop computer that can withstand hardcore playing of The Sims 4 and its expansions. The Sims 3 almost rendered SK's laptop useless. >,> 
  • For someone to develop a game that's a cross between The Sims,  R.O.S,E Online and Perfect World. 

(To be updated as required)