19 July 2016

Well, hello there!

Finally! It's already finished, thank the heavens. The gaming gods know how behind I am when it comes to levelling my various characters just so I can launch Snarky Kitsune.  I know that it still needs a lot of tweaking since the footer is showing an ugly gap; I'm still undecided what widget to put in there. 

And of course, I still have to make tiny social media buttons so you'll have the option to follow me. But even that is proving to be a difficult task as I am not sure about the number of social buttons I should include.  

Ah, whatever, if I'm going to start listing all the things that I have to do for this blog, I'll be talking here all day. So what I want to say is that, I created this blog for the purpose of documenting my gaming journey.  I've been a gamer more than half my life and I thought that it was time to start writing about the life of being a gamer.

For those who have accidentally stumbled upon my blog, please don't expect that I'll be writing about guides and tips about the games that I'm playing because this isn't Gaming 101. I might write about it once in a while but only when I feel confident about the tips that I'll be giving.  Most of the time though, be prepared in reading a lot of random musings, nonsensical commentaries, and the usual rants and ravings. 

So, that's all for now... See ya in game!

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