04 August 2016

July Wrap-Up

So what has been going on with you, guys? I know I've been pretty lousy in updating this blog but you know... play first, blog later.  July has been a month of ups and downs in terms of gaming. On one hand, it was exciting as I've discovered a new game (more on that later) and on the other, I've ditched some of my offline games reluctantly.  As much as I want to maintain 'em all, a gamer could only do so much. 

I got to say that you can all blame Taichi Panda regarding my decision. Honestly, guys, I can't say that it's the best game in the market but it's definitely engaging to the point that it became the main course of the day putting Clash of Clans as morning snack and Arcane Legends as a side dish. I'm not saying that COC and AL are boring or something like that but Taichi Panda offers a variety of things-to-do in game that it's hard to stop playing. Of course, you can take that with a grain of salt as I'm pretty new to the game and who knows, my opinion would change after a couple of months playing. But so far, in terms of first impression, Taichi Panda didn't disappoint-- vibrant graphics, diverse PVP system and elaborate pet system. As much as I would like to make a lengthy analysis of the game, I figured that it would be much better to write all about it in a separate post.  Just know that, my gaming life revolves around TP at the moment.  Here's my Fox Mage by the way. And yes, her name came from Jay Kristoff's The Lotus Wars series.

But what about Clash of Clans and Arcane Legends? You just started playing them... Well, as I've been telling my sister over and over again, Clash of Clans is a wonderful game but it bores me most of the time. There's a lot of waiting involved-- the builders, the cooking time of troops-- that I just can't enjoy the game fully. Rest assured though that I'm sticking around but my in game presence would be minimal unless I have vacant builders which'd require me to farm actively.  I'm almost done with my TH 6 upgrades so come next week, I'm going to put on my farmer's hat again. >.<

Arcane Legends would stay, too. Afterall, it's my first ARPG and it did provide me with a lot of entertainment. But I'm afraid that I will only go online just to do Klaas, Shazbot and the Wandering Minstrel. I really want to be active in the game especially that I still have a lot of things to do--like buying a Mythic or Arcane weapon, Planar Pendant, Arcane ring, and Nekro-- but as I've said, Taichi Panda consumes a lot of my time so this gamer needs to prioritize. But hey, at least, I'm staying. And hell yeah, I finally managed to get my Rogue to level 50. I know it's not much of an achievement considering the ease of levelling up in the game but I was seldom online and I still managed to reach the 50s bracket so... CONGRATS TO MYSELF!

So there you go... I've got three games to maintain which is already a handful if you think about it. So that brings me to the games that I've ditched in order to maintain a semblance of a life. As sad as I was, I have to let go of Cooking Fever, Sims Freeplay, City Island 4: Sim Tycoon, and Adventure Town.  I might go back to them someday but as of now, COC, AL, and TP are enough to give me my daily fix of gaming.

As for my other hobbies, I'm really behind with reading although I've already completed my Goodreads challenge. I know that my games are biting into my reading hours but I think that the lack of interesting books to read is the main reason why I'm lagging. I've recently bought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child because it's my number one anticipated book for this year but alas, I can't even get past the 65th page. It was clearly not a Rowling book but you know, I had high hopes for it since the Queen herself approved the script. Why she did that baffles the hell out of me because the plot of the Cursed Child is just so fucking ridiculous that I can't still even wrap my mind around it.  The book should have been titled as Harry Potter and the Cursed Book because it's awful and I want Rowling to write a new one to erase the memory of the accursed book.

Luckily, I have a good lineup of Korean dramas to keep my mind off from the horrible that is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Although I'm also behind with my drama watching, I can still proudly say that I was able to finish Yong-Pal which isn't perfect but good enough to while away the time. ATM, I am following this currently airing drama entitled Doctors which was fun and heartbreaking at times. It has its horrible moments but I still liked it especially that I'm seeing a new facet of Park Shin Hye's acting.  Mind you, I am not a fan but I have watched most of her dramas post-2007 and I can definitely say that she's improving from the naive and dim Go Min Nam in You're Beautiful.  And also, did I mention that Kim Rae Won is awesome?

So that's my month of July in a nutshell.  This month of August should be exciting and challenging since I'm planning to publish more posts concerning Taichi Panda and Arcane Legends.

So how have you been gaming last July, guys? Share your stories below. 


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