10 February 2017

Finally! Here I Come, Sims Freeplay! Farewell for now, other games!

So guys, as you all know, I've been forever obsessed with anything related to The Sims. It all started with the original The Sims way back in the early 2000s and since then, I've never looked back. Despite the fact that I've played a wide array of games (from LAN to MMORPGs) over the years, I always find myself going back to The Sims. As a matter of fact, with a very heavy heart, I just stopped playing The Sims 3 early last year. I don't want to let go but my laptop was already suffering from the abuse so I made a choice thinking about saving up enough money for a gaming PC. Until I now, that plan hasn't materialized yet as I have other priorities so The Sims 3 (or 4 now) is still out of the picture. So what's a Sims addict got to do? Well, look for options.  And guess what, I've discovered that EA in partnership with Firemonkeys has developed The Sims Freeplay (it was released in 2011, how come I haven't heard about it?!) which is really cool. Of course, it's not as good as The Sims franchise but still, it's enough to satiate my craving.

Initially, I started playing Freeplay in the second half of last year but stopped after a week since I've encountered issues while playing it on my phone. And besides, my heart wasn't ready to settle for a watered down version of The Sims during that time.  But anyway, what's important is that I've just started playing Freeplay again 2 days ago. And that, I am finally appreciating the features of the game and being more acceptant of its limitations. Once I had this mindset, Sims Freeplay became more enjoyable since there are plenty of quests to be completed and stuff to unlock. Oh, the adrenaline rush...:) 

So far, so good. I just wish that I started playing earlier so I was able to fully take advantage of  the French Romance Live Event--a 12 day event to celebrate the upcoming Valentines Day--which is really great except for the fact that it needs a lot crafted items to unlock sets. With only 3 days left, there's no way I can complete the quest. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, however, that EA and Firemonkeys will hold the event again in the future. 

Playing The Sims Freeplay is not without its sacrifices though. Like The Sims franchise, Freeplay is also very time consuming so my other games are also affected.  As of today, I am on official hiatus from Taichi Panda; and finally said goodbye to Clash of Clans (my sister is the one using my account now), Arcane Legends and Super Monster League (pity! This is a very good game so if you're into Gachapon, this is a must try). 

With this announcement, I would like to express my thanks to all those gamers who became acquaintances, friends, enemies etc. in COC, AL, SML. No matter how short the time is, what's important is that moment wherein we were in the same world, walking the same path, and aiming for the same goals. Wherever my gaming journey takes me, we've already shared  history together and that's something that I will never forget. Thank you very much. 

Please expect changes around the blog particularly the post contents as they will mostly feature updates, tips, guides, commentaries about the Sims Freeplay.  Thank you for bearing with me. 

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