16 February 2017

[GUIDE] Sims Freeplay: A Quest For Toddlers

NOTE: This guide was written on the 2017 Valentines day. Certain things may have changed at the time that you're reading this. 
Quest: Main
Unlocks: Age infants to toddlers, Toddler Adoption through phone and P2P
Time Limit: 2 days


  • Ensure the availability of an infant while doing this quest.
  • Don't sell the globe you've purchased while doing the Mysterious Island quest as you will need it here. 
  • It doesn't matter whether the questor sims is the parent of the infant or not.
Upon completion of the Need for Steed quest, a new quest will pop up. 

1. Watch a documentary- 54 minutes

2. Watch sunflower street on TV- 8 minutes and 6 seconds

3. Change a diaper- 21 seconds

4. Expand or create a room- depends on you

5. Buy a dollhouse from the children's store

6. Have a fancy coffee- 5 minutes

7. Study geography on a globe (I know it seems farfetched but just go with it)-  12 hours

Note: The globe can be found in the decorations tab. If you kept the globe that you've used in completing the mysterious island, then the better. 

8. Contemplate life at the lake- 8 minutes and 30 secs

Note: Go to the park and call whistle your sim. 

9. Ask statue in park for advice- 3 minutes

10. Stare at the statue (Is EA out of ideas?) - 4 seconds

11. Get serious advice from the statue-9 hours and 30 mins

12. Dance to a stereo (because you know, it's essential to show your child the crazy side of you)- 2 mins and 42 secs.

Note: Any of the options below will do.

And wow,  mission accomplished. Congrats. 

If you have finished the quest within the 2-day time limit. you will receive a Toddler Dress Up Chest as a reward. You can buy it for free on the Toddlers' section in the home menu.

Completing the quest also unlocks the feature "Toddler Adoption" through the phone. Toddler adoption is P2P. 


Ok, who doesn't want new clothes? I know, I do. For something that's so gamechanging, this quest was relatively easy and rewarding. I can't wait for baby Ariadne to grow up. 

This is followed by the It's all Going Swimmingly quest. 

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