13 February 2017


NOTE: This story is recommended for readers who are 17 years old and older due to its sexual content, violence and other taboo themes. 

DISCLAIMER: Infinity is a Sims freeplay story and at the same time, a fanfic based on A Song of Ice and Fire, Throne of Glass, Captive Prince and Infernal Devices series. No offense to the authors. It just so happened that most of my Sims were named from various characters of the mentioned series. 

Brannon Galathynius looked away from the frail and almost dead woman lying on the bed.  Her hair, once glorious in all its raven black beauty, was now white, dry and stiff as if a tiny spark of fire would reduce it to ashes. The ritual had drained her and it was his entire fault. The rasping woman was no longer recognizable as the Mala he had married twenty two years ago; daughter of the skies, fire, wind, rain, sun, and seas; Goddess of the Sun, Lady of Light and Learning, Firebringer; the prodigal daughter who defied the Omniscient Father and gave up her mortality so she could be with the Fae King of Terrasen, Brannon Galathynius.

Brannon fought the urge of stepping out of the Queen’s Room and going to the town pub to drown every feeling he’s experiencing at the moment.  Instead, he walked towards the large window overlooking the whole kingdom of Terrasen to study his subjects, who were busy preparing for his daughter’s, Princess Elena, seventeenth birthday.  Except for the Royal Clergy, his son and daughter, his Chief of the Royal Guard, his General, and the Witch Queen, no one knew that their beloved Goddess Queen is already one step towards death. Until now, Brannon is still mustering his courage to tell his subjects about their Queen’s condition. Ever since Brannon’s father passed the crown to him, all of Terrasen’s subjects have always been loyal and dedicated. They fought, they suffered, they cried, and rejoiced with him all throughout the years. They don’t deserve this secrecy about their Queen’s failing health.

Brannon’s hands tightened into fists as his thoughts went back to the reason why Mala had to sacrifice her health…her godly essence. A naked golden brown skin, a naughty smile, dainty fingers that traced the carvings of the amulet that glinted against his bare chest, and petal soft lips that traced kisses along his neck.  Brannon had been blinded by his lust and maybe, love, that he allowed it to happen. As his thoughts swirled further into forbidden territory, a sudden coughing and tiniest of whispers suddenly caught his attention.

“H-hus…h-us… band…b-b-belo…ved…” If not for the slight movement of Mala’s lips, Brannon could have sworn that the words were just borne out of his dark thoughts and shame.

Brannon was immediately at Mala’s side. “My queen… what is it?” He asked gently as his large hands enveloped her bony ones. His chest tightened as he got a closer look of his wife’s skeletal face. She can no longer open her eyes, which where all milky white the last time he saw them. And that was a fortnight ago.
It took a while for Mala to answer his question as if she was still forcing her body to cooperate into talking.  And then in between coughing and rasping breaths, Mala answered his question.

As he walked alone—his guards he had already dismissed a few minutes ago—down the long corridor towards the King’s Room, Brannon’s mind was still reeling from the things Mala had revealed to him. He couldn’t believe any of them…couldn’t accept any of them. How was he supposed to stop the things that are about to happen just because of a single mistake? A single…single mistake that has spun for years. He shook his head as his jaw tightened in determination. He will fix that single mistake as early as now.

However, when he finally entered his room a few moments later, his newfound determination instantly wavered at what he saw. Princess Elena lying on his bed, in all her naked glory. Her golden brown skin, soft and shimmering; lips curved into a sensual smile, and eyes hooded with desire as she surveyed him from head to foot. Her raven black hair, which was usually arranged into an elaborate braid secured with a fillet, now hung loose over her shoulders. Elena’s resemblance to her mother always unnerved him.

Without an ounce of care, Elena stood up giving Brannon a full view of what’s awaiting him tonight.  He ignored the growing hardness in his groin. “What are you doing here, daughter?” He asked in a hard voice and forcing himself to look beyond Elena’s naked body.

Elena slightly paused and raised one of her brows. “What I’ve been doing for the last couple of nights…” she answered huskily as she walked towards him, her hips swaying seductively. “…or rather the past three years, Father…” she added teasingly as she stopped a hair’s breadth away from him, her right hand immediately cupping his nape.

Brannon resisted the urge of backing his daughter up the wall and take her savagely. This…this… whatever this relationship with his daughter must stop right there and then… no matter how much he wanted her.  “Elena…” He started in a firm voice but didn’t dare look at her daughter’s wanting face nor gave in to the little motions her fingers are doing at back of his neck. “As of this hour, your betrothed and his entourage are already returning from the royal stables. Gavin would be looking for you…” Brannon continued lest he forget that his seventeen year old daughter is going to be wedded to the Prince of Myst four months later.

Elena appeared as if she didn’t hear him and before Brannon could pull away, she was already kneeling in front of him as her hands worked their way to unbuckle his pants. A few heartbeats later, Brannon has forgotten that his wife lies dying in the Queen’s Room or that his future son-in-law is on his way to the palace and would be looking for the woman whose mouth is pushing him into blissful oblivion. 
To be continued...

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