18 February 2017

[GUIDE] Sims Freeplay: It's All Going Swimmingly Quest

NOTE: This guide was written on 2017 February 15. Certain things may have changed at the time that you're reading this.

Quest Type: Main
Unlocks: Swimming Center,  Diving Hobby, Swimming Pools
Time Limit: 2 days

  • Level 13
  • Completed A Quest for Toddlers
  • Enough Simoleons (100, 000) to build the public swimming pool. 
  • Use a questor sim that doesn't have a hobby yet. 
After succeeding in the A Quest for Toddlers, a new quest will pop up.

1. Build the swim center (100, 000 $)- 12 hours and 45 mins

2. Send a sim to the swim center- Just tap the swim center icon and call whistle your questor sim.

3. Admire the swim center slide- 4 secs

4. Look at diving board apprehensively- 1 minute

5. Ask Wumples for advice- 6 minutes

6. Supervise in a lifeguard chair- 6 minutes and 24 seconds

7. Use a diving board- Choose the shortest option (Brief leap: 10 mins)

8. Look at pool slide apprehensively- 10 hours and 30 minutes

9. Be nice to sim- 1 min

10. Use the slide- 2 hours and 50 mins

11. Splash a sim in a pool- 10 secs

12. Flip a sim in a pool- 4 secs

13. Chat to a sim while in a pool- 4 mins

15. Talk to Wumples- 30 seconds

16. Talk to Wumples again- 3 minutes 

17. Use the slide- 2 hours and 50 minutes

And you're done. WOW!

If you have finished the quest within the time limit, you will be rewarded with a pool volleyball net which costs 2, 500 simoleons. You can find it by going to the pool items under the outdoors section. 

You will also unlock the Dolphin pool and automatic pool cleaner packs in the online store.


Well, I'm only looking forward to finishing this quest so that I can build different kinds of pools for my houses. I just love them.  The volleyball net sucked though.

This is followed by the Hidden Unicorn quest.

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